So You Want to be a Product Manager

Nikki HughesCulture, Product

So you want to be a Product Manager? And not only in title! You aren’t looking to write requirements, hand them off to the development team, release, and repeat. You’re looking to discover the right problems and … Read More

The Most Powerful Interaction Design Tool

Katie St. FrancisProduct

Design Collaboration Team

Part of a product manager’s job is to study the problems presented to us – to learn about them from every angle – to make informed decisions. We need to understand the history of the problem, identify … Read More

The Road to More Modern Technology

Katie St. FrancisProduct

Deprecating the oldest part of the product – a part users have known and used for two decades – can be intimidating even when you have a brilliant team, and the benefits are clear. Did you know … Read More

7 Lean Principles at Realtracs

Katie St. FrancisAgile / Lean, Product

The Realtracs’ product development team applies the seven Lean principles to our software processes. These principles – based on the Toyota Production System and adapted for software by Mary and Tom Poppendieck in Lean Software Development – … Read More