Time to Timebox?

Katie St. FrancisAgile / Lean, Product

Hands forming a box around a clock

In the fast-paced world of real estate software technology, making the most of every hour can make or break success. Many types of knowledge work, especially software development, are inherently complex and often subject to unexpected obstacles … Read More

Learn Fast

Nikki HughesAgile / Lean, Culture

Experiment for growth

Fail fast. This is a phrase we hear a lot, but listening and practicing are two completely different things. No one likes failing. No one wants to release a product that isn’t perfect, but sometimes, you must … Read More

Great Expectations: Software Engineers

Josh TrislerAgile / Lean, Culture

Mind Over Matter

When we chat with professionals in the Software Engineering community, we often hear painful stories from their work lives.  “An engineer spent a week building a new feature only to discover a teammate changed a critical interface … Read More

So You Want to be a Product Manager

Nikki HughesCulture, Product

So you want to be a Product Manager? And not only in title! You aren’t looking to write requirements, hand them off to the development team, release, and repeat. You’re looking to discover the right problems and … Read More