The Path to an Optimized Search

Julie DavisNews

In order for Realtracs users to be able to search, list and buy confidently, they must have access to a top-level product that makes their lives and serving their clients easier. That’s part of why feedback from our users matters so much.

We have heard the need for a better and more efficient way to search for properties. You may have recently noticed the New Listings Search beta and/or other improvements being made to the mobile experience. These enhancements are the building blocks of an optimized search experience on both the desktop and mobile platforms of Realtracs.

Over the next several months, Realtracs’ team of developers will be working to optimize Search on all platforms. This work means you’ll see several changes within the product. These changes may not immediately impact how you use the product, and some may leave you asking why a particular change was made. The path to a better Search experience consists of multiple steps and necessary updates that work together to create the optimal Search experience. 

We know change can be a disruption, so we want to share why the coming changes matter. These are the four big goals of our improvement to Search:

  1. Mobile-Friendly: Consistent experience and features across all devices.
  2. Beyond Search: In addition to searching MLS listings, you will be able to quickly lookup any known address and explore the nearby area.
  3. Natural Power: Advanced searches shouldn’t require advanced degrees. Additional search criteria will feel natural – easy to find and understand.
  4. Consistently Integrated: Search will feel consistent from the public website to Auto Notify. These separate tools won’t feel so separate.

To further help our users understand the changes to come and how they lead to a better Search experience, here’s a look at the roadmap of improvements and added features that together create a confident search.

We hope you’ll be patient with us as we work our way down this road. We invite you to explore each new feature and change and continue to share your feedback by contacting us at We take customer feedback very seriously. When you share your feedback, we learn more than you know, especially why something is important to you and your company.