Why Your Real Estate MLS Should be Paving the Way for Technology


Technology is rapidly changing the way that we do business — everywhere around us. These changes continue to improve the way we operate professionally, and they have also transformed the real estate landscape. Before technology significantly altered our industry, brokers and agents faced multiple challenges in performing tasks such as accessing properties on the MLS, managing contacts and leads, and coordinating showings. These are just a few examples from among many. But now, with improving technologies, those same tasks have become more simplified and made it easier for Realtors to conduct their business.

One problem with rapidly changing technology, however, is that it becomes difficult to keep up with the latest innovations and can become cost ineffective to pay for multiple services. In the most recent National Association of REALTORS® Technology Survey, nearly 40% of Realtors reported spending more than $250 per month on technology tools, and almost 20% of Realtors surveyed spent more than $500 per month, many from their own pockets. That adds up to a lot of money, and it’s also the main reason brokers and agents have become much more open to their MLS providing big technology services.

Realtracs — more than just a Tennessee property listing platform

Today, Realtracs plays a vital role in the real estate ecosystem. We are more than just a property listing platform MLS, but instead a technology hub with a commitment to innovation and staying ahead of technological trends in the industry. For instance, many real estate agents in Tennessee currently utilize multiple MLS’s to access listing information across markets. At Realtracs, we believe every broker and agent should have simple statewide access to property searches and market data. As the largest MLS in Tennessee, our footprint also has reach in Alabama, Georgia and Kentucky. Additionally, with 19,000 users in more than 1,800 offices, we bring more value to the real estate industry by simplifying services under one MLS.

Furthermore, we’re constantly adding new products to Realtracs’ available services. For example, brokers and agents are able to use products like Realtracs Showings, a service that enables Realtracs’ users to schedule showings and manage client feedback — and it’s offered at no additional cost. Before utilizing Realtracs Showings, many Realtracs customers previously utilized a third-party showing service that required a separate fee. Consequently, this technology provides users with a more efficient, seamless MLS experience, and helps agents and brokers increase their volume of showings — facilitating the best possible outcome for their clients.

In fact, Realtracs was recognized as at the 13th Annual Nashville Tech Council (NTC) Awards as Technology Company of the Year for its innovative use of technology-based products and services. As the only MLS in the Southeast with entirely in-house code, Realtracs was founded on the principle of developing intuitive, relevant products for real estate professionals. NTC’s recognition of this effort shows how Realtracs continues to be the industry leader across not only the state of Tennessee, but the Southeast as well.

Connecting consumers and agents

Real estate transactions, at heart, are about connections. Connecting buyers to houses they are interested in potentially purchasing. Then, connecting those consumers with agents who can help them buy and live their real estate dreams.  Accordingly, we understand how important the process is of helping consumers find information on properties of interest, then connecting them with a real estate professional.

Because of the importance of finding these connections and building upon the relationships established from them, lead generation is one of the most vital components to a successful real estate career – but generating leads can be both expensive and competitive. Fortunately, Realtracs can organically provide agent leads on their own listings through our Realtracs Leads technology, and with an average of over 3 million monthly page views by interested and legitimate consumers each month, providing lead generation at no additional cost for agents is a huge benefit of using our services.

Helping provide real estate agents with the tools to forge these meaningful relationships that can more often turn leads into sales is just one of the many ways Realtracs can help agents clear today’s technological hurdles, as well as the expenses surrounding them.

A tech-focused world

Let’s face it. It’s not just the real estate environment that has become more tech-focused but the entire world around us. Realtracs helps brokers and agents by supplying the meaningful solutions they need to thrive in a tech-driven world and to do it in an efficient and cost-effective manner, bringing the power of real estate to you. Our MLS is designed to give you options and the flexibility needed to expand into new markets and run your business better than ever. If you’re a broker interested in joining Realtracs, please contact us to see how Realtracs can help you navigate our rapidly changing technological real estate landscape.