More than just a regional MLS:  How Realtracs is building strong connections in the real estate industry


Traditionally, MLSs have been a place where real estate professionals could list and access property information. Rigid and limited, access to the system was often available only to licensed agents and brokers. However, Realtracs has broken away from this historical model because, in the digital age, openness and complete access to information are now keys to success.

Additionally, with the real estate industry rapidly evolving over recent years, technological innovations have brought advancement and changing consumer preferences. As a result, we believe in not only being a platform for buying and selling properties, but a one-stop-shop for building strong connections within the industry.

Embracing technology

With products like Realtracs Showings and Realtracs Leads, we have committed to harnessing cutting-edge technology to create a seamless, user-friendly customer experience. As the only MLS in the Southeast with entirely in-house code, Realtracs was founded on the principle that being an industry leader in tech is imperative to creating the best-quality product possible.

Realtracs also provides a robust mobile app, ensuring that agents and buyers can access real-time, critical information on the go. This focus on adaptability has subsequently introduced Realtracs to a new generation of tech-savvy users.

The power of data

Information is king in today’s data-driven world, and earlier this month, the Southeast MLS Alliance launched, integrating native data from the systems of Realtracs, North Carolina’s Canopy MLS, Georgia MLS and South Carolina’s Charleston Regional MLS. Together, these four largest MLSs in their respective states will have a full feed of more than 85,000 accurate listings across Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.  

The alliance was established to provide real estate agents across services with more data and potential for referrals. The four MLSs together serve over 100,000 real estate agents across more than 11,000 offices. Further, this collaboration will allow for the collection and analysis of vast amounts of data to provide users with insights into market trends, pricing strategies and consumer behavior. The collaboration is part of Realtracs’ ongoing commitment to developing and providing tools and access to data that help brokers and agents run their business more efficiently — and further, having more of these valuable tools and information in one place for convenience and ease-of-use.

You can read more about this exciting announcement here.

A hub for real estate professionals

Collaboration remains crucial to success in the real estate industry. Rather than foster negativity among real estate professionals, Realtracs strives to empower them by providing resources that allow brokers and agents to manage leads and listings more effectively while also keeping tabs on the latest market trends.

Realtracs has built a vibrant community of real estate professionals in Tennessee. The partnership with other MLSs across the southeast now results in a network of more than 100,000 combined Realtors in over 11,000 offices, creating an opportunity for cross-MLS referrals and the ability to share insights and forge valuable connections.

In leading this effort to build a bigger, better real estate community, Realtracs has become more than just an MLS but instead a hub for collaboration and growth within the industry.

In addition, our organization is engaged nationally in the MLS space with organizations like the Council of MLSs (CMLS) — including having Realtracs representatives serving on panels at the CMLS Annual Conference. This allows us to be a part of national conversations and a forward-thinking partner in the real estate industry.

More than just an MLS

Real estate deals are made from more than just bricks and mortar, and Realtracs stands out as a pioneer in the industry. Our innovative use of technology and commitment to collaboration that gives users the ability to share data and form productive, beneficial relationships have transformed our organization into more than just an MLS — but a dynamic force driving progress in the real estate landscape.